Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vietnam Visa on Arrival departure from China

Since 2010, Chinese government has not accepted Vietnam Visa upon Arrival.

We can help foreign citizens who depart from China to obtain a Vietnam Visa, please kindly follow some options as follows:

You can come directly to Vietnamese Embassies/ Consulates near your location to apply a Vietnam Visa. You will take many days, much time or even more travelling around to do administrative procedures.

In order to save much time, money & reduce troubles in administrative procedures in Vietnamese Embassies/ Consulates or in case you live so far from these, just need use 3 simple steps from our website: to apply Vietnam Visa Online. After fill out the online form with your information as in your passport, submit this form online, we can receive this form in a couple of minutes & send you an email in reply. Here is our online processing visa fee for Chinese. We take 2 working days excluding Saturday & Sunday to process your visa, send it to Vietnam Consulate/ Embassy near your given place. You only need come to this place to pick up your visa with a little fee for stamp in a few hours. With this way, you can save more time, money as well as complicated procedures.

Other nationalities depart from Chinese international airports can follow these above steps to apply Vietnam Visa faster, cheaper & easier with We exert all our strength to your convenience to apply a Visa to Vietnam

Apply Online Now - Have any  question ? Call us Today: (00) 84 962 655 556
. You can also send email to and Our Customer Support with reply within 2 hours during office and within 24 hours outside of office or send questions online corner of screen.

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